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Part-time PSU student stipended positions hiring (DACA Coordinators) [Dec. 1st, 2009|02:44 pm]

The Portland State University Disability Advocacy & Cultural Association is hiring three paid part-time student Coordinators. Applications are due this Friday. Position descriptions and application instructions are under the cut.

DACA Coordinator, Events Coordinator, and Outreach Coordinator positions hereCollapse )
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ain't too proud to beg... [Jul. 23rd, 2009|05:11 pm]


efficient & effective admin/communications professional seeking work

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Wake up! WAKE UP! [Jun. 16th, 2009|04:54 pm]

Alright, yo, time to wake this thing up. Let's post stuff here when we find it.

To begin, I'm a lower-level engin/tech dude, and am looking for engin spots w/ less than 5 years exp needed.

I found this site which might help others: indeed.com
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(no subject) [Jun. 19th, 2008|02:43 pm]

Hello everyone! My name is Bill, and I work for a website called GOJobs.com. 


We are in the process of starting a major website redesign, for both useability and Search Engine Optimization.


The design should allow us to target specific, niche communities- one of those pages is “the state of Oregon” and specifically Portland Jobs. 


The page below is a link to our Oregon Jobs.

We like to get some feed back regarding the job seeker useability of this site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Feel free to leave us some feedback.  We really want the site design to be driven by the people that use it, and any and all feedback is valuable in achieving that goal.


Thank you in advance for visiting and commenting.


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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2008|10:55 am]

I have been looking for a job for a couple months now and have had no luck.  I have a degree in anthropology ie "liberal arts", and I have work experience in retail and food service, but am looking to get out of that.  The only thing I ask is that I can find a position that care about and love.  I have been looking into non-profits, but don't know where to go.  I would just like to do some net-working and if you know of any positions please let me know!  Thank you.
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Christmas cash!! [Nov. 10th, 2007|01:42 pm]

(cross-posted on craiglist, but I thought I'd help circulate):

Do you love dressing up, sparkly blingy shiny things, Liberace vintage decor and schmoozing with shiny happy people? How about getting PAID to do it?


Apply in person at the store, 811 NW 23rd Ave as soon as possible (like, now); ask to see Mateo or Chris.

Applicants must have prior retail experience (clothing retail preferred but will train), be willing to work full time through New Year's eve.
Must be out-going, friendly, courteous and a professional multi-tasker.
MUST have flexible availability.

We offer a generous discount on in-store purchases, and interaction with interesting people in a fun, fast-paced fashion environment.

Position can possibly lead to a permanent hire, to be determined at end of season.

  • Location: NW 23rd Avenue
  • Compensation: $8.00 per hour to start
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Jobs!! [Aug. 17th, 2007|11:19 am]

[Current Location |Portland]

So, my place of employment is currently hiring, for quite a bit of positions. So, I figured I'd post some information here, as I'm sure there are a few people here looking for jobs!

We're always looking for rock stars to help us in new and innovative ways. Some jobs openings are below but don't let that stop you from contacting us -- we're always looking for diamonds. We have a very open culture, believe in short and succinct meetings and that work should be productive and fun. We work hard and love our jobs.

We are a software company located in the heart of downtown Portland with views of Mt. Hood. We're walking distance to everything including several free or inexpensive public transportation lines, parking, restaurants, pubs, gyms, (food carts!) and shopping.

Here is a list of the positions we're currently looking for:

* Account Manager (sales)
* Business Analyst
* Director of Product Marketing
* Executive Assistant
* Flex Developer
* Inside Sales Director
* Online Marketing Manager
* Product Marketing Manager
* Professional Services Engineer
* QA Engineer
* Senior Software Engineer
* Senior Web Designer
* Software Engineer, Level I
* Technical Customer Specialist
* Technical Project Manager
* Web Designer
* Website Engineer
* VP of Client Services
* VP of Engineering

If you're interested in applying for any of them, leave me a note with your email address and I'll send you some more information!
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Please help! [Jul. 23rd, 2007|09:45 am]

I’m a single mom of a very special little girl. Her father is not part of her life, and refuses to pay child support. I know several single parents and even couples can sympathize with how expensive living can be, especially when you believe health coverage is not an option but a necessity..! I’m hoping someone reading this will have either some job leads for me, or would be in the actual position to offer me employment.

I have extensive experience in the professional office environment. I’m comfortable on both Windows and Apple computers, I know Microsoft programs like the back of my hand (I’m even certified!) and I’ve got that friendly demeanor that will put the icing on your customer’s cake when they come to visit our company. I am targeting in the range of $16-18 an hour. Medical is optional, since I have the ability to continue on my current plan. I also do not mind starting on the low side for an introductory period as long as there is a raise, and will continue to be an opportunity for growth.

Please see my resume below, and thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.

Vancouver, Washington

V i s i o n - Corporate experienced professional experienced in light human resources, management, and worker's compensation fields in 8 different states. Also knowledgeable in basic concepts and practices of law.

E d u c a t i o n - Clark College Advanced courses in psychology, Microsoft Certification, government economics, medical terminology, typing, digital graphical design, web page creation, women's studies, and traditional arts.

S k i l l s Management - Company vision and policy upheld with professional integrity. - Experienced managing a fast paced, tense environment. - Expert representation and self driven knowledge of company. - Knowledge of 8 different states workers’ compensations practices. - Experienced in handling confidential information & privacy practices regarding 3rd party inquiries. (HIPPA) - Operations carried out direct and independently. - Comfortable and knowledgeable of Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, and California worker's compensation practices and laws.

Customer Service - Friendly, professional, knowledgeable. - Focused on customer satisfaction. - Experienced in dissatisfied customer resolution. - Customer service phone training, as well as management in crisis situations.

Technology - Microsoft Office User Suite certified. - Computer application instructor training. - Comfortable with both Windows and Apple platforms. - Interested in learning unfamiliar and new programs. - 50 words per minute typing ability. - Experienced with multi-line phone systems. - HTML, CSS, Flash component competent for website creation. - Programs: Internet Browsing, Email Clients, Document Creation, Photo Manipulation, Faxing, Excel, CORT, & Employee pay & time software.

E m p l o y m e n t Retirement Home Mngnt Co. - Vancouver, Washington June 2006-Current Worker’s Compensation, managing claims for a retirement home management company that oversees over 65 facilities throughout 8 different states. Works as a liaison between the insurance company, medical offices, retirement facilities, and injured employees. Duties include injury investigations, job modification planning, insurance reporting, employee time and wage information, confidential information handling, medical treatment supervision, legal correspondence, detailed electronic record keeping, and closing claim follow up. High daily use of Outlook, Excel, Word, Cort, and Kronos.

Guest House Motel - Vancouver, Washington April 2005-June 2006 Desk Clerk, effectively managing a high traffic motel. Experienced in computer as well as paper guest occupancy reporting, handling guest reservations from the Internet as well as on the phone, and generating billing detail: including credit card & cash payment transactions, resolving customer inquiries and concerns, scheduling cleaning duties to the maid staff, and handling incoming calls as motel operator.

R e f e r e n c e s - Available upon request.

C o m p e n s a t i o n - Negotiable

C o n s i d e r a t i o n s - Searching for a position that can compensate to better provide for family, and offers a position with the room for advancement and personal growth. Hours are open. Will not consider positions offered through third-party temporary agencies or position brokers.

A v a l i a b l e  f o r  i n t e r v i e w s


T h a n k Y o u f o r Y o u r C o n s i d e r a t i o n

* Location: Vancouver - Camas - Washougal - ??
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2007|08:46 pm]

Does anyone want to mow my lawn tomorrow? It pays, not a huge yard, in the SE by Woodstock. We don't have a mower so you'd have to bring your own. (847) 942-7169, or just reply to this.
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Need a job? [Apr. 2nd, 2007|07:19 pm]

I recently got a new job, I start in 2 weeks. Well, in that 2 weeks, I've been asked to help find and train my replacement. So, we need to hire someone asap!


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