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Survey for a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate [Sep. 22nd, 2006|12:13 am]


They’re giving out $5 Amazon Gift Certificates to people who take this survey.

I didn’t qualify for it but my friend did.

”SurveyCollapse )

I hope it's okay that I posted this here. If not, feel free to remove it.
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Opinions&Advice [Aug. 20th, 2006|11:56 am]

I was just wondering what peoples views and opinions are on facial piercings.I'm going to be looking for a job again soon,when I get back from holiday,and recently got a lip ring about 2months ago.Now I know going for some high quality job won't be even worth considering.But what about retail and restaurants? I know that piercings are being more accepted in the work place,but just where will accept your appearance is all.
Thank you to anybody that can help me out. :)
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I think... [Jul. 31st, 2006|06:43 pm]
my head may be about to explode. I came up with an idea that just might kill me. So I'm passing it on to you.

Here are links to two Portland Chamber of Commerce websites, each sorted a little differently. Basically, you just go to each website and see what the company is hiring for and if you fit the bill. Not all companies use job boards.

Portland Business Alliance
East Portland Chamber

Don't say I never gave you anything. Try it for other cities you live near, or are willing to commute to.

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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2006|04:30 pm]

Make money from home!

Earn a huge income all while working from the comfort of your own home. Free details. Send long, self addressed, stamped envelope to:

WRM Group
Dept AA
1205 W Highland Ave #E4
Hermiston, OR 97838
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2006|05:25 pm]

Upscale athletic health club in the Riverplace area of Downtown Portland has one full time and one part time line cook position open.

~Full time position available for Monday through Friday shifts 2-9PM. This position requires confidence and proven multi-tasking skills, as we work in a one man kitchen. Experience creating scratch soups preferred.

~Part time position available Tuesday & Thursday 6:00AM-2:00PM and Sunday 7:30Am-4:00PM. This position may open into more hours down the road. Breakfast, particularly egg, experience preferred.

0150 SW Montgomery St
Portland, OR 97201

Please bring your resume in anytime between 8:00AM-Noon, anyday this week. You may also e-mail your resume, though priority interviewing will be given to those candidates who apply in person.

~Benefits available
~Use of athletic club/day spa
~Subsidized Tri-Met Pass
~Free meal when working
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2006|03:03 pm]
I am new to the area, and need a job ASAP. Before I go and get one at, say, Quizno's, I was wondering if any of you had any leads for any basic/entry-level clerical positions? Any good and reliable temp agencies in the area?

I type at around 90 words per minute, can operate multi-line phones, and do all that good clerical stuff. I just don't have traditional experience, though I have worked in several offices and a family business before.
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jobs? [Apr. 6th, 2006|08:59 pm]

does anyone know of any jobs by chance? I have never had trouble finding a job in Portland in the three years I've lived here until now. I have experience as a travel agent, retail salesperson/supervisor and restaurant server/trainer. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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Job [Mar. 21st, 2006|09:02 am]

Hi all!

I gave my two weeks notice at my job yesterday. If any of you are looking for a job as an Admin. Assistant/Exec. Assistant/Receptionist please drop me a line. This is a tough job. You HAVE to be good at multi-tasking and you honestly have to have a thick skin. You have to be good with computers and handling A LOT of problems all at once.

So, if you're interested please email me adma at mcclaskeyswine.com or leave a comment.

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Jobs with TriMet and Horizon Air [Feb. 13th, 2006|01:30 pm]

[music |Say Anything - Chia-Like I Shall Grow]

I bet you get free transit passes when you work for TriMet!

and I KNOW you get free air travel when you work for Horizon. (P.S. Being a flight attendant is awesome.)

Yay for job openings! Go nuts!
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Officiant & Photographer needed for a Wedding, June 3rd, 2006 [Feb. 5th, 2006|08:12 pm]

Looking for a certified Officiant to marry a poor couple, lincenced for the state of Washington on June Third, Two-thousand & Six.

This is just going to be a one-time thing for us, be we do recommend to friends and family when we find we're satasfied. (Have a lot of young ones in the family, going to marry down the line sometime...)

The right canidate is of course licenced, and can show proof. We'd like him OR her to perform the ceremony of vows and say a nice thing or two, however we are not looking for an extended cermon or anything of that nature. We expect the canidate to be present just before and during the ceremony, which should only take up to two hours of your time. We plan on getting married at a local Vancouver Park, but it might be changed to the park outside of Battle Ground if our first choice isnt avaliable.

Looking for a Photographer to document the occassion on film. Need no job experience, but a portfolio/samples depicting your standard grade work with PEOPLE as well as OBJECTS submitted is required.

This is just going to be a one-time thing for us, be we do recommend to friends and family when we find we're satasfied. (Have a lot of young ones in the family, going to marry down the line sometime...)

The canidate should be familiar with their own equipment, and be prepaired to take photos in good or poor weather conditions. This occassion will be held out of doors, and the person should also be experienced and comfortable with taking dinamic photos of this event.

A few photos expected to be taken are: couple's hands with wedding rings over wedding certificate, couple kissing during ceremony, groom waiting at the finish line, bride walking down the "aisle"...etc.

Compensation and How To Apply
We're poor, and working on a shoe-string budget. We have $50 dollars to offer each person, plus any bonuses of food after the ceremony and whatnot... our family is a big one, and we do recommend when we find someone good.

If you believe you're perfect for the job, please drop an email to munerift @ gmail.com ...or post a reply here, and I'll try and get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Thank you for your consideration.
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